Velux Flashing Kit



Skylight flashings are essential to direct rain water away from the skylight.

The Velux EDW flashing is designed for tiled roofs pitched between 15-90 degrees. Side and head pieces form a gutter to direct rain water around the skylight, a pleated apron at the bottom of the window discharges rain water back onto the roof below. The apron can be easily shaped to follow the profile of roof.

It may be used on corrugated iron roofs though most installers prefer to use their own custom made flashings. It is not compatible with other metal roof profiles.

An EDL kit is available for Slate roofs.

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Usually available in 3-5 days

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C01, C04, C06, C08, C08,C06,C04,C01, C12, CK02, CK04, M04, M06, M08, M08,M06,M04, MK04, MK06, MK08, S01, S06, S06,S01, SK06, M02


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