VELUX Skylights Best Price & Installation Service

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VELUX Skylights High Performance Double Glazing

Velux double glazing

  1. 5.36mm Laminated inner panes for added safety.
  2. 9mm Argon filled cavity for thermal insulation
  3. Double layer of Low-E3 coating increases thermal performance and reduces UV rays
  4. 3mm Outer pane of toughened safety glass
  5. Neat™ coating to reduce cleaning frequency
  6. Warm edge technology increases energy efficiency

VELUX NEAT™ Photocatalytic Coating

  • Silicone Dioxide/Titanium Dioxide coating reacts with the sun’s UV rays to decompose surface organic dirt before rinsing away with the next shower of rain, thereby reducing cleaning frequency.
  • The coating also makes the glass surface smoother, so water disperses evenly, sheets off and evaporates quickly, thereby minimizing water spotting on the pane.

VELUX Skylights additional features:

-Outer weatherproof caps & trims in attractive woodland grey finish
-Discrete low profile on the roof is inconspicuous
-High performance argon gas filled double glazing
-Outer layer is toughened glass with double layer of low-E3 coating
-Inner layer is safety laminated
-Neat coating helps reduce cleaning frequency
-Approx 80% heat block
-UV Ray block 99%
-Full range of sizes
-Most sizes can be fitted with a specially designed honeycomb blind
-Many sizes are available either fixed or opening skylights