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Key Skylight Considerations

Blinds and dimmers are a cost effective solution for those times when you don’t need full day light.

Skylights are available in different styles and options. It’s a bit like buying a car, choosing which options are the most useful!

– Consider the following questions:

  • How big do i need? The roof structure is a factor in size selection.
  • What type of roof do I have?
  • How does the roof face to the East, North or West? – Peak performance could be in the morning or afternoon.
  • Does the roof face always the sun?
  • Is my roof flat or pitched?
  • Which skylight and suits my roof?
  • How big is the roof cavity? -For bigger roof spaces – Should I consider a premium SOLATUBE Daylighting System as a more effective option?
  • Do I require Ventilation? – You probably do!
  • Can I use an opening VELUX SKYLIGHT for strategic air changes?
  • Blinds and dimmers with motor operators are a cost effective solution if you don’t need full day light all day.
  • What is the room used for?

Skylights range in size, shape & technology, these factors affect performance.

The design and quality of materials has a major impact price.

Diamond Skylights experienced staff can help you choose the perfect skylight.

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Solatube Skylights

A Solatube Daylighting System takes less than 2 hrs to install.

Solatube designed their first solar tubes here in Australia and changed the skylight industry forever. They introduced the concept of tubular daylighting – using a highly mirror like tube which delivers natural light through the roof space into the home.

Heavenly Skylight

Velux Skylight

Velux brought a new approach to Australia, they are widely acknowledged as being the global standard for natural lighting.

VELUX incorporate enhanced functionality with better flashings, better ventilation controls and superior honeycomb blinds to control the light flowing through. VELUX’s continuous research and development of their products has resulted in the hi-tech VELUX Active automation we have today.

Velux skylights in Living Area

Skylights for Ventilation

Strategically controlled air flow is a real benefit to air quality.

Buildings which are designed to provide a healthy living environment, including Good Air Quality, often use opening skylights to improve their ventilation.

Some Opening skylights and roof windows can be positioned within reach, which means they can be opened by hand.

Velux Active Box

Opening Velux skylights are often motorised and operated remotely. The VELUX ACTIVE is an optional control that can be configured to adjust the skylight according to the temperature & humidity.

Solatube Ventilation Ceiling Fitting

Solatube round skylights have the Add-On Vent option available. This superior exhaust system has a roof mounted fan and duct to discharge to the atmosphere. You can safely remove smells and moisture out of bathrooms at the flick of a switch.

Traditional Skylights

  • Budget friendly
  • Fabricated out of painted chipboard or plywood, or cheap aluminium foil
  • Poor quality roof flashings can be a source of water ingress & draughts.
  • Not recommended

Finally consider a traditional Australian skylight.

For over forty years these have been produced by local plastic moulding companies, using cheap thermoformed acrylic sheet on a galvanised sheet metal flashing base that sits above the roof line.

A square box called a light shaft, often fabricated out of painted chipboard or plywood, or cheap flexible aluminium foil, guides the daylight through the roof space. A prismatic diffuser conceals this and closes the ceiling.

Most skylight companies have standard sizes based on older imperial measurements. For example the modern size of 550×550 is equivalent to two foot square – shrunk slightly to suit a modern trussed roof.