Daylight Controller


Control the amount of light entering your room with the convenience of a wall-mounted keypad.

The Daylight Controller features our patented butterfly baffle and is powered by a roof mounted solar panel.

This is the smart option when the daylight levels need that extra bit of control.

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The Daylight Controller by Solatube is designed to be fitted inside the Solar tube. It controls the amount of light entering your room with the convenience of a wall-mounted switch. This device uses our patented butterfly baffle and is a smart option for matinée movie watching in living rooms and media rooms or video gaming in games rooms. Parents of young children love this device as it can help their kids sleep in on a summers day!

Previously known as the daylight dimmer, it has been given an extensive upgrade and is know known as the daylight controller. It is now supplied with a new wireless wall switch. This innovative new design has reduced the cost and improved the ease of installation. Furthermore it now has a solar panel and does not need an electrical connection or wiring!

The daylight controller is a hassle free option. It can be fitted at the same time as your new solatube, or even retro-fitted to your existing solatubes.

Now you can create the mood you want at any time of day, and still enjoy the benefits of natural day light within your home!

Available for both the  Solatube® 160  DS and Solatube® 290  DS , this add on kit is designed to enhance your Solatube tubular skylight, offering a neat, stylish solution.

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250mm, 350mm

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