Light Add-On Kit


Because your life doesn’t slow down when the sun sets, this Skylight Electric Light Add On Kit provides the dual convenience of natural light during the day, and electric light into the night. Available for both the  Solatube® 160 & 290 DS Skylight, and also the Solatube® Heavenly Intelligent Hi250 & Hi400, this innovative add on kit integrates fully into tubular skylight, offering a neat, stylish solution for lighting your space 24/7.


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Offering a neat and stylish all in one lighting solution whatever the time, the kit also reduces the need for two separate ceiling fixtures and can be fitted along with the Ventilation Add-On Kit to provide a dynamic 3-in-1 unit.

The light can be wired to any light existing or new light switch. Please be aware that our installers are not qualified to wire this light up to mains and you will need a qualified electrician to conclude this work for you.

Great for lighting up bedrooms, bathrooms, closet, hallways and more.

Please Note: Must be purchased in addition to a Solatube 160DS or 290DS, cannot be used on its own.