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VELUX Quality and Performance

– World Leading, Roof Windows and Skylights

VELUX Skylights are renown for quality and performance, with over 80 years experience manufacturing skylights, roof windows and blinds. They are universally acknowledged as a global leader in design and development of roof based natural lighting and ventilation solutions.

VELUX include their high performance double glazing in all the skylights and roof windows. This is for energy efficiency and comfort. They are available in many different configurations and sizes.

Solar Honeycomb Blinds designed specifically for our skylights, fit perfectly to their skylights and roof windows.

VELUX Active enables motorised solar skylights and blinds to operate automatically, or remotely via your smart phone, to passively control the environment in your home or office.

Our skylights are available in many different configurations. Fixed skylights, top hinged Opening Skylights, with a flyscreen as standard, and Roof Windows are all on display in our centrally located showroom in Heidelberg.

VELUX Skylights Melbourne

– Made tough for extreme conditions, recommended by Diamond Skylights

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Diamond Skylights are a local business with a reputation for quality and expertise. We have been supplying and installing skylights to your homes and offices in Melbourne for over 20 Years, and we are proud to be VELUX’s premier Skylight dealer in Melbourne.

We know our skylights and know VELUX is the best and safest skylight for our harsh climate here in Victoria. VELUX – made for Australia

VELUX have the most experience, the best research teams and the highest standards. With this background it is not a surprise that they are proven to be Storm proof and protect against Hail storms and Bush fires. Not only do they meet Australian Standards, but they exceed all international standards.

Not only can we improve your home, but a skylight will also protect your home.

Velux Melbourne Tram


Velux Hail Test

HAIL Resistant

Velux Bushfire Test

BAL 40 Certified

Velux Safety