Manual Honeycomb Blind


Velux Manual Honeycomb Blinds are made by Velux to suit their current window range. The blinds provide stylish protection from heat and glare. These blinds are only suitable for windows mounted within reach from the floor.

  • FHCD range for Fixed Skylights manufactured after March 2010.
  • FHC range for Opening Roof Windows manufactured after June 2015.

The contemporary linear design incorporates structured pleats with insulated aluminized air pockets. These blinds utilize the most advanced technology available to block up to 95% light and 60% heat.


Usually available in 3-5 days

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For within reach situations, this honeycomb blind provides protection from heat and glare with a near complete block out from light. Simply move the blind up or down the Guide channels with your finger tips.

  • Stylish and modern design in white
  • Attractive honeycomb structured pleats
  • Reduce light by approx 95%
  • Reduce heat by approx 65%
  • Discrete silver blind rails and fascia