Solatube 160DS Sq


The Solatube 160DS Square Ceiling fitting is made possible with a cleverly designed round to square adaptor, which is crafted from the same 99.7% reflective tube material used for the whole of the light shaft.

Also available in a larger 350x350mm fitting.

Design benefits include:

  • Complete range of Australian made roof flashings for all roof types
  • Optically enhanced Dome with Raybender 3000 technology to reduce summer intensity
  • Rigid infinity tubing with 99.7% reflectivity which provides full color rendition
  • Infinity tubing can transfer light over 9 meters
  • Exclusive tube INFRAREDuction technology to remove heat
  • Choice of Optiview or Just Frost Square ceiling fitting


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Healthy Daylight with Style

The Square Just Frost fixture gives the Solatube Brighten Up series a whole new look. The Just Frost Panel is an elegant Opaque square panel that is fitted to the ceiling with a beautifully crafted square ceiling transition box behind it.  This attractive fitting diffuses light at its source providing back lighting to the ceiling and an even spread of light below. The style is timeless and is suitable for modern homes as well as period homes.

As an alternative, the optiview ceiling fitting which features a fresnel lens for maximum light dispersion is also available.

The benefits of natural day light are well documented. With a 99.7% reflective surface inside the solatube, these benefits are maximized. Cool tube technology draws away unwanted heat, this avoids the problems associated with poorly designed skylights.


All Solatube Brighten Up skylights have Raybender 3000 technology included in the dome. A light tracking reflector inside the dome further improves low angle light capture. Light output in early mornings, late afternoons and winter days is improved and can be almost doubled. This Solatube is suitable for tube lengths longer than 6 metres. The complete range of roof flashings  offer leak proof design due to the seamless construction.