Skylights Suppliers Glen Waverley | Velux Skylight and Solatube Installation & Supplies for Melbourne

Glen Waverley is a district on the rise. Located in the sweet spot between the bustle of the city and the countryside, the suburb is experiencing a housing revival. And a hot item on the list of many new and existing homeowners here? Access to natural sunlight.

At Diamond Skylights we specialize in providing the finest quality skylights and solatubes for Glen Waverley. As one of the premium skylight suppliers in Melbourne, we have taken care to select only the finest products, the renowned Velux lineup of skylights and the Solatube. These products offer any room in your home access to bright and healthy natural sunlight.

This has been proven to have several positive health impacts, including:

Greater energy
Greater virility
Improved mood
Improved productivity
Increases melatonin production at night, leading to better sleeping patterns

What’s more, your home is filled with full-spectrum sunlight, offering your fixtures more vivid colours, and avoiding the harsh glare of fluorescent lights. Meanwhile, your power bills are lower. There are no downsides to installing Velux skylights and Solatubes in Melbourne.

When you’re ready to reap the rewards of solatubes and skylights in Glen Waverley, we’re ready for you.

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Glen Waverley is an eastern suburb of Melbourne, located nineteen kilometres from the central business district. Centred on the entertainment and dining amenities on the Kingsway, the district was also the site of the first MacDonald’s restaurant in Victoria.