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Roof Windows and Moonlight for Melbourne

At roughly half a million times less intense than the sunlight, it is perhaps easy to imagine why we so often forget about the moon. It is typically hidden by artificial light, and it can take a trip to the bush to remind ourselves of its potency.

After allowing your eyes to adjust, you can easily navigate in the dark of night by the moon. It provides strong lighting to the wilderness, even during half or even quarter phases. It’s reflective power is matched only by its influence on the rhythm of wildlife: for some unknown reason, times of breeding and migration often tend to involve the first new moon of a season, serving as some manner of beacon for many different species.

It dictates the height and the strength of tidal flows, and with it, the behaviour of many fish species – in a manner so predictable that you can set your calendar to it. The phases of the moon provides a surprising amount of pull on life here on earth.

There is a profound sense of peace, then, in being bathed in moonlight, secure in the knowledge that this unknown power is still working its magic. Being in connection with such an old force can help to ground us in the midst of our busy city lives. And your roof window from Diamond Skylights can help to put you in touch with it, right in your Melbourne home. Our crack team of installers can allow you to get a far better experience of the moon and its phases, and allows you to bathe in the light of the moon.

We want Melbourne to experience this pristine sensation, and a roof window is the ideal way to do it. Contact us today!

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