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Far from being a danger to hide from, Ringwood residents are beginning to wake up to the benefits of natural sunlight. All across Melbourne, residents are looking to buy skylights from quality skylights retailers and installers, and at Diamond, we are your source for the eastern suburbs.

We all know the impact that natural lighting can have on your power bill. But science has shown us several less publicized benefits of letting sunshine in to your Melbourne home via skylights or solatubes. These include:

An increase in energy
Increased virility
Increased releases of melatonin at night, leading to better sleep habits
Greater work productivity

There has never been a better time to invite this natural wave in to your Ringwood home with a Solatube or Velux skylight, courtesy of the finest installers in Melbourne. We employ only the finest products and install with the utmost care, so you can rest easy.

When you’re ready to be illuminated, give Diamond Skylights a call.

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Ringwood lies 23 kilometres to the east of the Melbourne central business district. Named for it’s British counterpart, the town gained notoriety when it was connected to the CBD with a railway around the turn of the century. It is now primarily a residential area, although it maintains a large Cadbury factory.