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What happens once I order a skylight from you?

Our commitment to customer service is honest and complete. By the time you are ready to order a skylight from us, you will probably have met one of our senior consultants and also have had a dialogue with our lovely office ladies. You will now know that we are here to help and intend to make sure the process through to delivery or installation of your skylight runs as efficiently as the initial selection process.

Our office team will stay in touch with you over the next few weeks during the delivery stage, but briefly you could expect the process to run like this:

  1. Once the deposit is confirmed we will organise a date and time for installation.
  2. This lead time can be as little as a day or two, or up to three weeks.
  3. Depending on the nature of the job we may need to make a site inspection at your convenience to confirm specific details.
  4. Installation Day. It’s best to be at home on this day, to see for yourself how with a little planning and a lot of experience we install skylights with a minimum of fuss. We use drop sheets and take away all trade waste. Of course once we are finished a quick vacuum and dust may be required, but usually that is all.
  5. Another room transformed from dull and dreary to bright and beautifull – it really is amazing how dramatic a change can be with natural light, with the right advice and experienced installers, you can be sure by this stage you will be another happy customer.

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