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The VELUX Fixed Skylight transforms any room with natural light and views of the sky.

This low cost VELUX is the ideal choice for every renovation.

Internal finish is white pine . External aluminium cappings are Grey

Available in 11 different sizes.



The VELUX Fixed Skylight transforms any room with natural light and views of the sky. This low cost VELUX is the ideal choice for every renovation.

VELUX Double Glazed Skylights

This Fixed Skylight  has high performance double glazing to give superior protection against heat and noise, furthermore, being an extremely energy efficient skylight,  it has the WERS Max 5 STAR Rating and a 10 year warranty on the Glass Seal.

  • Skylight U-Value 2.60
  • Skylight SHGC 0.24
  • Heat Block ~75%
  • UV Rays Block ~99%
  • Noise Reduction Factor 32 Decibels
  • Double layer of Low-E#3 Coating
  • NEAT Coating to reduce cleaning frequency
  • Bush Fire Tested to BAL 40
  • Passed VELUX Simulated Hail Stone Test ASTM E822-2009
  • Confirms to AS 4285 Skylights, AS 1288 Overhead Glazing, AS 3959 Bushfire, AS 1530 Fire Safety

A white pine frame finishes the inside of the skylight. While Grey powder coated aluminimum cappings complete the external finish. (The VELUX Grey Colour matches the tint on the glass and is somewhat similar to Colorbond Woodland Grey.)

The VELUX Fixed skylight is a breeze to install. Simply screw fix the perimeter bracket directly to the roof battens. This skylight is only suitable for installations above a pitch of 15 degrees. – for flat roofs check out our VELUX Flat Roof Skylight

VELUX  Skylight Sizes

Most modern roof construction uses trusses at 600mm centres, for these situations the 550mm wide VELUX Fixed Skylight are a perfect fit. Consider the FS C01 (550×700), FS C04(550×980), FS C06(550×1180), FS C08(550×1400) or the NEW size FS C12(550×1800).

FS Skylights are also available 780mm wide or 1140mm wide. Consider discussing your skylight requirements prior to fabrication of the roof trusses. Alternatively many older roofs can easily be modified.

The NEW FS C12 (550×1800) brings the total number of different sizes of Velux Fixed Skylights to 11. This wide range provides the perfect skylight size for your home.


VELUX Skylight Cost

The VELUX Fixed Skylight is a very economical skylight. Our base price is a very attractive $454.40 for an FS C01 550(w) x 700(h).

This price excludes the VELUX EDW C01 flashing at $93.60. The very popular optional extra of VELUX Solar Honeycomb Blind FSCH C01 starts from $523.80

When costing out a project it is also important to consider the additional cost of the light shaft that connects the skylight to the ceiling. Typically this involves framing, plastering and painting and quite possibly scaffold or ladder hire to complete the project safely.

Additional information

Weight 24.31 kg
Dimensions N/A
Size Code: No selection

FS C01 – 550x700mm, FS C04 – 550x980mm, FS C06 – 550x1180mm, FS C08 – 550x1400mm, FS C12 – 550x1800mm, FS M02 – 780x780mm, FS M04 – 780x980mm, FS M06 -780x1180mm, FS M08 – 780x1400mm, FS S01 – 1140x700mm, FS S06 – 1140x1180mm, FS C01, FS C04, FS C06, FS C08, FS C12, FS M02, FS M04, FS M06, FS M08, FS S01, FS S06

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  1. Angus

    Great install and finish, makes a massive difference to our living room, kitchen and bathroom

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