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The Health Benefits of Roof Windows and Velux Skylights Pt. II

Up to 35% of Australians report that they do not achieve an adequate amount of sleep. We are collectively leading some very busy lives, and sometimes sleep must be sacrificed – but doing so consistently can have consequences. Our stress levels rise, our diets suffer, and we have less energy to pursue with our increased hours. In fact, overall productivity can fall when we cut our sleep hours, despite the longer hours at work.

Even when we do manage to get ourselves in to bed at a reasonable hour, we often aren’t able to get to sleep very easily. This has been linked to our reliance on screens, which tend to exhibit a blue-tinge light – mimicking natural daylight. Basically, this tells our body clock that the sun is still up, and that we should still be very much awake.

Your body’s circadian rhythm is how your body is able to dictate sleeping habits, and it is run by the release of hormone called melatonin, released by the pineal gland in your brain. It is sensitive to the amount of daylight you are receiving – which is why you tend to feel sleepier, and sleep more readily, if you have turned your lights to ‘dim’ an hour or so before sleeping.

Some sufferers have taken to orally taking the drug in the evening, but it is considerably easier simply to allow yourself to be affected by the swing of the day. With your sunroof allowing for greater access to outdoors exposure, you will find yourself confronted with darker scenery and dimness more often. It serves as a harbinger of darkness, and a reminder that now is a good time to put your phone aside and begin to wind your evening down, so that you can get ready for a good night’s sleep.

Allowing the lighting inside your home to sync with that of the outdoors can allow you to sleep more soundly and securely, and your new Diamond Skylights sunroof or solatube can allow you to tap in to this rhythm.

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