Solarstar Solar Powered Roof Ventilation


SolarStar, Solatube’s own Solar Powered Roof Ventilation solution, offers homeowners the perfect environmentally friendly, roof ventilation solution. It’s whisper quiet motor is powered completely by the sun, yet produces enough power to extract up to 15 times more hot air from your roof space than a traditional whirlybird type ventilator.

Heat and moisture is the worst enemy of any roof space. As mould and mildew can build up in poorly ventilated spaces. Not to mention heat build up in the roof can make your home much harder to cool down in the warmer months. This product comes with a choice of one of our standard roof flashings: either Tile, Corrugated or Universal Deck Roof. Please contact us for custom flashing requirements.

SolarStar by Solatube is the answer.




Powerful: The SolarStar’s have been tested & certified to ventilated the average roof space up to 15 times better than a traditional wind-powered whirlybird roof

Attractive: SolarStars unobtrusive, sleek, slim line roof profile make this a very attractive and modern addition to any roof.

Hard Wearing: The brush-less motor means it won’t ever wear out and you’ll have no brushes to replace.

Leak Proof: The seamless, one-piece flashing (the part that connects it to your roof) means that there are no gaps for water to get into, making it leak proof & worry free!