Solatube Add-On Vent

AUD$461.00 AUD$461.00

This mechanical ventilation add-on kit offers you the dual convenience of ventilation with daylight. It is designed to work with the smaller 250mm diameter solatubes. These innovative bathroom ventilation kits integrate fully into your skylight, offering a neat, stylish solution for lighting and ventilating your bathroom or ensuite.

An efficient electrical inline motor is included with the add-on ventilation kit and also ducting and a roof flashing to exhaust outside the roof to the atmosphere.

It is designed to be used with either the 160DS Solatube, with a Round Vusion ceiling fitting or our Heavenly Intelligent solatube with a Slimline fitting. It is not available for the Square ceiling fittings.



This Ventilation Add-On Kit is only available for the smaller solatube 250mm diameter skylights Solatube Tubular Skylights, providing the dual convenience of both ventilation with daylight from a singular ceiling piece. The System complies with all Australian Building Regulations on Ventilation & carries a 3-year electrical component warranty.

Plus, the attractive 2-in-1 design leaves your ceiling looking orderly and uncluttered.

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