Solatube Tubular Skylights Heavenly Intelligent Range


Solatubes Heavenly Intelligent Tubular Skylight provides you with our effective ray bending technology and it is the most affordable of our high-quality tubular skylights. The intelligent technology allows for both low and high angled light to be absorbed – which means more light at any hour of the day.

The price quoted here includes a standard ‘skylight kit’ ready for a DIY Installation, or you can opt for a professional installation by one of our Solatube Certified Installers, for an extra cost.





Advanced Technology: The advanced Heavenly Intelligent laser light ray bending technology* surpasses the amount of daylight hours provided by competitor’s products into your home.

Peace Of Mind: The Heavenly Intelligent range of tubular skylights have been tested to be hail resistant and are all sold with all-in-one leak proof flashings as standard. The Dome is also UV resistant, to ensure your interior is not affected by the sunlight.

Save On Power Bills: Solatube have engineered their tubular skylights to produce as much light as possible throughout daylight hours, meaning you can turn the lights off from dawn to dusk.

Added Functionality: Solatubes range of Add-On kits, such as room ventilation or their electric light Add-On, means your skylight can be multifunctional, all in a discreet one piece ceiling fitting

Installed in Just 2hrs: If DIY is not for you, our experienced and highly trained Solatube Certified Consultant will not only ensure your installation is quick and easy, we never leave any mess behind and we will always go that extra mile to brighten your day!

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