Skylight Decorative Lighting Fixtures


Because the style of the light coming into your home is just as important as the quantity, Solatube have developed unique and stylish lighting fixtures, that compliment your Solatube® 160 & 290 DS Skylight, beautifully.

These innovative add-ons integrate fully into the ceiling fitting of your tubular skylight, offering a stunning, and stylish natural lighting solution. Often these can also be combined with other Solatube add-ons such as the Daylight Dimmer or the Electric Light, so don’t be afraid to ask us more about these combinations when you contact us.




Go Beyond Functional to Beautiful Lighting Fixtures

Because Solatube are homeowners too, they understand that it’s not enough to bring dazzling daylight indoors if the lighting fixture delivering that light isn’t equally as impressive. Solatube Decorative Lighting Fixtures enhance the look of any interior with styles that range from practical, to elegant or even dazzling!

Perfect for anywhere you wish to add more style & sophistication.

Please Note: Must be purchased in addition to a Solatube 160DS or 290DS, cannot be used on its own.

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