VELUX Skylights and Roof Windows

Designed to provide daylight & ventilation in all types of buildings.

Available with a full range of automation and controls.

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VELUX - Velux Fixed Skylights

Velux have fixed, non-opening skylights for all roof types, in a wide range of sizes to suit differing roof structures and room sizes.

Offering high performance 2004 double glazing and a draught proof installation, these skylights work perfectly in well ventilated areas such as Al Fresco’s and open plan living, and also areas that don’t require ventilation such as Hallways.

Specially designed Velux solar blinds are also available across the range.

VELUX - Velux Opening Skylights

Velux have a complete range of opening skylights and roof windows. You can choose from many different sizes with different control options and opening mechanisms. The velux range includes skylights suitable for installation onto flat roof, and also solar blinds for light control during the summer months.

VELUX - Velux Roof Windows

The design of Velux roof windows was inspired by the original European attic windows. The earliest Roof Windows were either Fixed skylights or Centre-pivot roof windows. Centre-pivot windows provide ventilation and are the perfect choice when they can be reached without using a control rod or ladder. Attics and Loft Conversions look great with roof windows.

The Dual-Action roof window opens outwards with a clever mechanism that is a real benefit in very low ceilings. When the location is out of reach use a different window: Our alternative – the Velux Opening Skylight. The Opening Skylight can be opened remotely, even when high above the floor.

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VELUX - controls

VELUX - pitched roof skylights and windows

VELUX - Velux Flat Roof Skylights

Velux have a fantastic selection of skylights for flat roofs. The FCM , VCM and VCS products give you a wide range of options: In fact these skylights can also be used from 0-60 degrees (to the horizontal), and are available as Fixed Skylights, Manual Opening Skylights and even Solar Powered Opening Skylights. Sizes vary from 460mm all the way up to 1275mm, so clearly we have a flat roof skylight for every room in your house!

VELUX - honeycomb blockout blinds