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Solatubes for Melbourne amid a unique building trend

The Black Saturday bushfires left an indelible imprint upon the psyche of everyone who lived though them. Regardless of whether you were directly affected by this day of catastrophe, the images and the stories that came out of it have become a part of Victoria’s collective psyche.

But the impacts of Australia’s deadliest bushfire didn’t stop when the flames were out. These fires have created a trend among builders, who had an eye for the building necessities of the areas of the state that were worst affected. Homes that are constructed as fireproof bunkers have lately become highly coveted, both for their fire protection, and for their unique style.

Often built in to the side of hills, these homes put a focus on concrete buildings materials and non-flammable decorations, so concrete and brick are strongly sought-after. The roofs are often covered with greenery, which serves two purposes – it ensures the home stays cool on hot days, and it provides a ‘cushion’ for falling branches or ember attacks. This roof is often turned in to a garden or vegetable patch, and is well-kept and neat, to avoid flammable material from collecting here. The home is further equipped with radiation shutters on each window, along with a separate underground air supply.

The obvious issue that arise, of course, in a home that is built partially underground, is how to light them. Solid earth is not known for its opaque properties, and given the weight and the speed which burning items can be carried in ember attacks, large skylights are not advisable. Luckily, Diamond Skylights in Melbourne has a solution: the Solatube.

Installed throughout rooms in need of natural light, solatubes utilise only small holes in the roofs, so they don’t sacrifice the fire and heat resistance of the home, or its structural integrity. Their absorbent tops send strong amounts of light through the pipe, keenly illuminating areas of the home in need of such treatment.

Solatubes in Melbourne, and throughout Victoria, are able to illuminate these homes while retaining their fireproof nature. They can change the interior lighting sector in this unique sector, and make these homes livable and enjoyable, for the long-term.

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Skylights in Melbourne: Pricing Guide, Perks, and Installation

Skylights in Melbourne

Skylights are considerably simpler in theory than they are in reality. While they are, in their most basic forms, little more than a horizontal window, there are a number of perks that must be considered when you are planning your installation. These elements can impact the function and the usefulness of your skylight, and of course, skylight prices in Melbourne are influenced by these add-ons. There are some big choices ahead of you.

If you live in the far south of the country, you likely have to contend with the chill of the winter months. Warm air rises, so ensuring that your skylight isn’t allowing the cold to percolate through to your living space can be vital to maintain comfort in your home. Good insulation can help to preserve heat.

Roof Ventilation
Conversely, perhaps the heat of the summer months has driven a need for ventilation. Warm air rises, and in many homes, it can be trapped in the roof space or top of the peaks. This heat then is transmitted down in to your living space. A ventilation system on your skylight, properly fitted, can ease this situation.

A diffuser is a screen, on the inside of your skylight. The purpose is to dilute the power of the sunlight entering your home. These diffusers help to spread the light evenly throughout your home, while reducing the overall power of the sunlight shining through from above, keeping glare and shadows to a minimum.

Lifts and Hinges
You can choose to install a skylight that opens up to the elements, so you can air out your home when the weather is good. Such skylights can be opened both manually and with electric motors, with the touch of a nearby switch.

Shades or Partial Blinds
On hot days, you won’t necessarily want more light entering your home. If this is the case, you might want to add a pair of blinds on to your skylight. Given how they are not within easy reach, these shades are operated either manually, with a rotor stick, or electronically. The choice is yours.

For more information on Melbourne skylights and their prices, contact Diamond Skylights today.

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Velux Skylights and Craftsmanship for Melbourne

Velux Skylights are not new to the world of illumination. Their beginnings could best be described as ‘humble’, and began when a Danish entrepreneur, Villum Kann Rasmussen, installed his first roof window on a school near his hometown. From these beginnings, a devotion to craft and workmanship has resulted in their spread around the globe.

Velux Skylights are now found from Melbourne to Minsk, in nearly every country in the world. Oft imitated, although never truly duplicated, these skylights feature some key characteristics, which have set them apart from their peers over the course of the years.

First, their glass is a thick, toughened, and scratch-resistant polymer, one that is built to resist not only the elements, but falling branches, and extremes of heat and cold. The mechanisms behind the mechanical and electrical lifting follow this same regard for longevity.

Secondly, the Danish winter lasts a long time. Constantly swept by storms from the North Sea, Rasmussen’s first skylight was obliged to cope with the weather head-on, so its seal and installation had to be extremely tight, and properly done. He also was forced to contend with the extremes of cold in this Scandinavian winter, which could contract and expand the seals on the skylight. Consequently, this first installation, and each one since then, had to be done with considerable care.

Luckily, as a master craftsman, he was able to accomplish his task and provide a well-constructed skylight that provided healthy and natural lighting for this school for many years. Velux Skylights carry on this legacy of commitment to craft and devotion to quality, in Melbourne, and around the world.

For more information, check out our showroom!

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The Health Benefits of Roof Windows and Velux Skylights Pt. II

Up to 35% of Australians report that they do not achieve an adequate amount of sleep. We are collectively leading some very busy lives, and sometimes sleep must be sacrificed – but doing so consistently can have consequences. Our stress levels rise, our diets suffer, and we have less energy to pursue with our increased hours. In fact, overall productivity can fall when we cut our sleep hours, despite the longer hours at work.

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